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The Impact of Social Innovation Education on Wellbeing

Qualitative Case Study

Authors: Andrea Maynard & Jennifer E Symonds

This research that is currently undergoing, aims to investigate the impact on wellbeing from the Social Innovation Education (SEI) programme as part of the Young Social Innovators’ (YSI). This aim is actioned by three objectives, each addressing a different aspect of the dynamic social structure targeted by the SIE programme: individual young people, educators, and the broader school system.

To address these objectives, three research questions were developed, each analysed through a unique study:

Research Question 1: In what ways do participants and others involved in Social Innovation Education experience wellbeing?

Research Question 2: How did facilitating youth-led social innovation impact teachers’ wellbeing and their competencies in supporting young people’s wellbeing across schools in Ireland?

Research Question 3: To what extent did participating in social innovation education impact young people’s wellbeing across schools in Ireland?

So far, they have released an overview of the methodology and findings of the Research Question 1. These findings are divided by the different types of participants:

Young people

The impact of Social Innovation Education is reflected in many ways but most importantly by the fact that their voice became an enabler of students' experiences of wellbeing as their opinions and ideas were listened to and this had a direct effect on their confidence. Also, their awareness of social issues grew and they appeared to develop a level of optimism towards their capabilities to make a difference and change the world.


Social Innovation Education opened Educators’ eyes to students’ lives, actual issues in their community, what their interests are and what were their capabilities for developing something, if given the opportunity to do so.


Social Innovation Education impacted them in similar ways to Educators but additionally, they grew an immense sense of pride by seeing the students learn, grow, become more aware and work towards creating something positive.

The community

The impact was seen on different stakeholders in the community and one of the important ones was the development of awareness and relationship with schools and young people, as well as their involvement in the Social Innovation Education projects.


Maynard, A., & Symonds, J. E. (2022). The impact of social innovation education on wellbeing: Qualitative case study findings. University College Dublin School of Education.

The impact of SIE in Wellbeing
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