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Educating young people to value social over financial profit.

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Education at TUATHA


Enterprise Education is about educating young people to value social over financial profit.

Our vision

We believe that education should teach young people about how to make the world a better place for themselves and others. 


We value young people’s perspectives, talents and drive to create a more inclusive society and believe that by collaborating with them we can achieve this. 


We break down barriers and work with schools in Europe and beyond on a diverse variety of projects to achieve our vision.


Our aims

We aim to enrich primary and secondary school curricula and extracurricular activities to prepare young people for the rapidly changing world of work

through projects that:


  • Support and inspire young people in becoming ready to be a valuable part of society and the world of work

  • Empower young people to take control, make decisions and drive positive social change, whether it’s for people, planet or animals

  • Nurture a personal and business mindset that values social betterment over individual gain

  • Develop ethical business skills, values, competences and mindsets to benefit them now and in the future

  • Provide a fresh and relevant alternative to traditional Enterprise Education 

  • Enable young people to develop their capabilities by taking part in real-life, purposeful work that positively impacts themselves and others

  • Introduce young people to a collaborative, not competitive, way of learning and thinking 


How we achieve our aims

We carry out research and development with UK, European and international partners to gain multiple perspectives of how this can be achieved all over the world. Our innovative mix of educators, researchers, practitioners, academics, businesspeople and community members gives us a unique approach to designing educational programmes that benefit everyone in society. 


We have many different projects that attempt to achieve this in a variety of different ways - see HERE for a description of our projects to get a flavour of the diverse work we do.

What we offer

  • Free educational projects for schools, informal and non-formal educational settings 

  • Resources, toolkits and guides

  • Training for educators and school staff

  • Ongoing face to face and remote support


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