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These are the EU funded projects we are currently working on alongside our European partners.

Social Innovation Education is present in all of our projects.  

Youth Empowerment for Social Inclusion - YES SI

The YES-SI project aims at training young people and youth workers towards becoming active democratic leaders and using digital activism tools and practises to look for possible solutions to these problems and drive positive community change.

For more information visit project's website: 

YES-Si_propuestalogotipo_page-0001 (1).jpg

Promoting inclusion through Social Innovation Education - SIE4P.INC

The SIE4P.Inc project seeks to address the problem of the lack of opportunities for empowering students with AEN (Additional Educational Needs) to become agents of change by creating the first-ever framework, resources, and training for inclusive Social Innovation Education (SIE). The project’s target groups (young people with AEN, teachers, and youth volunteers) will benefit from the inclusive framework, the training, and the resources that are going to be developed during the life of the project.

For more information visit project's website: logo_Transparent.png
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