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SEI Tuatha provides a range to solutions to Third Level Education, Enterprise Development Agencies and Government Departments. Our Workshops, Masterclasses and Programmes cover the full spectrum of Sustainable Enterprise backed by a 35 year track record as the pioneer of the Social Enterprise Movement.  

Available onsite, in-company, or via our Virtual Learning Ecosystem. Our Masterclasses run each month to provide intensive introductory information and best practice teachings in the area of:
  • Commercial Development & Modelling
  • Sustainability & Environmental
  • Social Impact
  • Innovation 
  • Shared Wealth 

EU Projects

Our expertise with EU Funding and Development initiatives have seen us manage and deliver programmes for Erasmus+ projects, supported by our wider team of consultants worldwide. 
At local level, we are actively engaging local enterprise, skillnet and education bodies with socially conscious enterprise and innovation supports for the Micro, SME and Public Sector landscape. 

We are happy to collaborate with our expertise alongside EU partners. 

Image by Christian Lue

Social Innovation Education

Working to develop the next generations of social innovators and changemakers

“Social Innovation Education is a collaborative and collective learning process for the empowerment and socio/political activation of students to drive social change no matter their professional pathways. It builds their competences to identify opportunities for social value creation, to form collaborations and build social relationships and take innovative action for a more democratic and sustainable society”. Kalemaki et al, 2019


This concept was developed during the NEMESIS project and has been promoted in a number of projects ever since.  ​


We have seen how Social Innovation Education fosters an attitude and drive in young people that encourages them to co-create, with a diverse range of stakeholders, social innovation projects to address social issues. 


They develop Social Innovation competences, awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals and a mindset, attitude and drive that enables them to create a fairer society, now and in the future.  

If you are interested in Social Innovation Education, contact us. 

Virtual Programmes
Image by Alina Grubnyak


Our B2Gx Programme demonstrates how to build  and grow socio-economic ecosystems that are supported by Government.

This programme includes 4 Layers of Business to Government Development:

- Reactive B2G

- Proactive B2G

- Peer to Peer

- Advisory

Thought through weekly masterclasses, 1 to 1 mentoring sessions and a suite of video toolkits. 

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SMART Communities

Learn sustainable enterprise by taping in to the available resources around you. This programme explores the transition from grassroots movements to virtual  ecosystems with an emphasis on EU Green Deal, Horizon Europe and Climate 2050 targets. 

Image by Sergei Akulich


Intelligence is our individual connection to our Selves, Communities, Partners and Society. 

Through Emotional Intelligence and Awareness training, we take a Holistic exploration into the individual's drivers behind personal, professional and social success. 

This programme includes:

  • Awareness

  • Nutrition, Health & Biophilia

  • Meditation 

  • BIO Hacking

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