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Partners and Collaborators travel to Romania for Transnational Project Meeting and Educators and Youth Volunteers Learning Training and Teaching Activity

SIE4P.Inc. gathered partners from Romania, Cyprus, Greece, France, and Ireland for a full Learning, Teaching, and Training Activity (LTTA) meeting in Romania from October 11th to 12th. But, before the big day, on October 10th, our wonderful team of partners came together to make sure everything was in order and planned for the next period as part of our Third Transnational Project Meeting.

Imagine two days filled with creativity, and breakthrough ideas! The LTTA meeting was all about:

Embracing Inclusive Education - Learning to create a world where every child feels included.

Innovative Teaching - Exploring teaching methods to make learning easy and accessible!

Support Systems throughout the implementation phase

Crafting educational materials that come to educators help in innovative ways.

Joining forces with local communities and youth volunteers to support our young learners and include them in solving real problems and contribute to the Sustainable

Development Goals (SDGs).

The Romania LTTA gathering was more than a simple training; it was a journey of discovery through experiences of our different cultural and educational contexts. As we move on, the fun and learning are far from ending.

SIE4P.Inc. is on a mission to turn education into an exciting journey for children with AEN to develop critical competencies such as: Self-Efficacy, Social Communication, Empathy and Social Resilience.

We'll keep developing, producing, and sharing our success stories and lessons learned along the way.

SIE4P.Inc. demonstrates the power of international collaboration and innovative thinking in education. With partners from five countries, our commitment to inclusive, innovative education promises a brighter future for all children, regardless of their unique needs. The Romania LTTA meeting reaffirms our dedication to this mission. The meeting was hosted by the Romanian partner AllGrow with support from the Romanian Educational Partner No. 9 Special Education Secondary School from Bucharest. Besides project meetings and training we were also lucky to visit the local school and imagine how our project would start taking shape in practice.

Get ready for the next exciting chapter in our education adventure! The Sie4P.Inc. team is gearing up for the Transnational Project Meeting (TPM) in Greece next, where we'll share more insights about our ongoing pilot implementation!

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