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Get to know the SIE4P.Inc Project!

How to promote inclusion through Social Innovation Education (SIE)

This new Erasmus+ project officially started in November 2022 and seeks to address the problem of the lack of opportunities for empowering students with Additional Educational Needs (AEN).

This innovative project builds on an educational model created in an Horizon 2020 (EU funded) project that ran from 2017-2021 and created the model of Social Innovation Education.

This is where primary and secondary school students analyse local social and sustainability issues and lead social innovation projects to improve their local area.

Projects are guided by the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. Young people co-create these projects with local adults. In the projects, young people develop their social innovation competences and are engaged on 4 levels (cognitive, emotional, behavioural, and agentic – being empowered and therefore encouraged to take the initiative).

They develop a mindset, attitude, and drive to affect positive social change, now and in the future, through the projects they design which involve them in a real-life, authentic learning experience.

SIE4P.Inc aims to make this model accessible to students with Additional Educational Needs, neurodivergence, and physical disabilities.)

This effort will take place in five European countries by 10 different organisations:

France: ADOSEN, Collège Jas de Bouffan

Ireland: SEI Tuatha, Newpark Comprehensive School

Romania: ALL GROW, School N.9 - Fb page


Cyprus: CSI - Center for Social Innovation, Cyprus Autism Association.

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